Yoav - Club Thing

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    I feel like playing the game tonight
    This town gets lonely after midnight
    And when
    animal hunger runs deep
    And now Im never gonna get to sleep

    Well some people claim, but I know, I know
    The deepest, darkest place to go
    You never get out once they let you in
    You never get out once they let you in
    Youll be nuttin but a club thing

    What would you say to be paid to be one of the beautiful
    Such a beautiful face
    Such a beautiful girl

    And one things for sure, one things for certain
    That if you get behind the velvet curtain
    Youll see, there nothings as sweet as it looks on my TV

    You need a cold soul of concrete here
    You got a view without pity
    You need a cold soul of concrete here
    Just like the soul, the soul of the city

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    He watches from the corner
    He waits for her to stumble
    He knows that hes the king
    The king of the cardboard jungle
    He knows he cannot fight
    What appears to enslave her
    Hes got a hunger
    For the sweetest of flavor

    Well, dont worry baby now
    It wont be long
    Once the hunger start to take you in
    Before you know it, you will be gone, gone, gone
    To be just another club thing

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