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    Worms Forts: Under Siege Demo İndir konusu 'Worms Forts: Under Siege' puts you in command of a ----- team of up to four fort-dwelling worms Set in the cartoon environments that will be familiar to previous 'Worms' players, you direct your four strong worm garrison to quickly construct defences to maximize your strategic advantage; expand your castle so as to seize valuable victory locations and of course, build massively destructive weapons to destroy your opponents' fortifications! Test yourself against the single player game by battling through the 20 missions And when you've finished that, take on up to four of your friends in the frenzy of destruction that is fort vs fort mode 'Worms Forts: Under Siege' uniquely combines buildings and siege weapons with the dark and zany humour you have come to expect in the 'Worms' universe, in true 3D battles This is not a normal strategy game - its immediate, it's fast and it's also furious! It's a race against time to destroy your opponent first before he destroys you!




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