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    Windows Mobile PPC Wireless Hack/Sniff Tools

    Here is a small collection I have that I thought I'd share.

    Airscanner 2.5

    Sniff passwords from your Pocket PC
    As a network administrator, you want to protect your users' confidential data. What better way to do this than to stroll down the hall with Airscanner Mobile Sniffer hidden in your pocket? Thanks to our support for Ethereal packet capture format, grabbing your user's passwords out of the airwaves is as easy as watching a movie! Your users unintentionally send their passwords through the air in clear text, so it is better that you discover this first before a malicious drive-by hacker does it for you. Airscanner Mobile Sniffer also works in promiscuous mode, so you can also discover unauthorized users who may be associating with one of your access points.

    Audit WLANs from your PDA
    Are you tired of dragging your laptop all over campus to audit your WLAN? Simply slip Airscanner Mobile Sniffer into your pocket, and you are ready to go. Airscanner Mobile Sniffer packs the power of a full-scale sniffer into an application for portable devices. Once your Windows CE device is linked to the network, Airscanner Mobile Sniffer monitors all activity within a given segment. In addition, Airscanner Mobile Sniffer allows you to set your own filters, allowing you to monitor only the information you need.


    Sniffi is an advanced WiFi networks manager. It may be
    used for WiFi networks searching, as a connection
    manager or as network parameters monitor. Here is a list of main features:

    Day/Night color profile - Adjust color profile to the daylight conditions

    Two types of Channel-Signal graphs
    - Classical bar frequency analyzer
    - A new color-keyed line graph

    PDA IP info
    - Informations about local IP
    - Informations about network parameters

    Ping utility
    - List of last used hosts
    - Classical text output data
    - Copy output buffer to clipboard option

    Connecting to network ability
    - Save settings to a Sniffi networks database option
    - TCP/IP registry update option
    - WEP/WPA encryption

    Other features:

    * New network status indications
    * Fullscreen switch
    * Context help
    * Network settings database
    * Vertical/horizontal screen compatibility
    * Logging to a file

    Wi-Fi Companion

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wi-Fi Companion provides users with a friendly, easy-to-use interface to manage WLAN connectivity. The main page icons provide single tap access to browse the web or check email, find WLANs in range, install security certificates, view IP addresses or modify profiles.

    The Ping Utility enables users to check network connectivity to another device or host network. Trace Route enables users to identify the number of hops to connect to the Internet and possible sources of delay.


    Ok, I have received a couple PM's stating that the Wi-Fi Companion needs to be registered, and I apologize for that, I hate when someone posts something that doesn't work, or doesn't come with a Patch/Crack/Keygen.

    Here's what I have found so far that may help....
    (Unfortunately I can't test it myself, cause I lost my ATT&T Tilt, however a friend did find it, but he wont be back in town for about another week or two.)

    Step 1.) Try registering with the following key Kod:

    If that doesn't work try the next step

    Step 2.) Use the DLL Patch Method (NOT TESTED)
    Install App
    Rename WIFISVC.DLL in \Windows\ folder on your
    device to WIFISVC1.DLL
    Put the supplied attachment (WIFISVC.DLL) to \Windows\ folder on your
    Soft reset your device
    Delete WIFISVC1.DLL from \Windows\ folder on your
    Register with any

    Again these methods have NOT BEEN TESTED!!! Please report findings, Thanks, and I hope one of these works!

    If worse comes to worse, you can check out muckpig's post, he has an older version which seems to be patchable,
    Retina WiFi scanner (and WEP cracker) PPC

    The Retina WiFi Scanner for the Pocket PC brings all of the detection functionality of the standard Retina WiFi Scanner to the Pocket PC enabling mobile scanning throughout your entire premises.

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