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    Wedding Dash Demo - Wedding Dash Demo İndir konusu Help Quinn, a hopeful wedding planner, make wedding bells ring! Featuring the hilarious ups and downs of wedding day drama, Wedding Dash™ incorporates the plate-spinning fun from the Diner Dash® series with the added challenge of pulling off the perfect wedding reception Can you keep the bride and groom happy and Quinn’s business afloat? Help couples select all the details – from tasty cakes to gorgeous flowers – but once they’ve tied the knot, lookout for obstacles preventing the perfect party, such as tipsy guests, falling cakes, and catty bridesmaids When the going gets tough, keep an eye out for extra help from everyone’s favorite server, Flo! It’s a fast-paced challenge to execute a flawless event, but for the determined Quinn, it’s all in a day’s work!

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