WebGate Easy Reject v1.00.50

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    WebGate Easy Reject v1.00.50 konusu
    Easy Reject
    for Nokia S60 3rd edition
    (Nokia 3250/6110/6120/6121/6210/6220/6290/5500/5700/ N71/N73/N75/N76/N77/N78/N80/N81/N82/N91/N92/N93(i)/ N95/N96/E50/E51/E60/E61(i)/E62/E65/E70/E90)​
    Send a busy tone to keep off unwanted calls and filter messages!
    Easy Reject is a smart auto-reject tool for filtering calls and SMS!

    Easy Reject (ER) filters incoming calls and SMS messages. A special rejected log shows information about rejected calls and messages.
    Calls are rejected with a busy tone. Short messages are filtered silently and can be viewed and restored later.
    What do you need Easy Reject for?
    • Keep a person off your mobile life and not be disturbed by low priority calls when you don't want to pick them up.
    • Stop callers whose numbers cannot be recognized
    • Protect from call & SMS SPAM
    • Keep your SMS communication private in a separate message box
    For more information on how to use the product and a detailed User Manual, please refer to our website.
    Easy Reject is an easy and quick solution that gives you total mobile privacy when you need to concentrate on more important matters.
    Easy Reject competitive features:
    • Indicator on your phone's status bar which shows when ER is active
    • Auto-start mode
    • Blocked messages can be easily viewed and restored
    • Various contact import options - import from phone log, import from phonebook, manual import
    • Rejected calls / SMS detail screens, providing more information about the rejected entries. Blocked messages can be viewed and restored to your phone messaging inbox.

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