Web Button Maker Deluxe 3.04

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    Web Button Maker Deluxe 3.04 konusu
    Web Button Maker Deluxe 3.04


    Web Button Maker Deluxe 3.04
    Kristanix Software Web Button Maker Deluxe 3.04 | 5,34 MB
    Give your web site the professional facelift it deserves! Get a popularity boost using Web Button Maker Deluxe! Within five minutes, you will be making stunning, memorable buttons for you web site! That's how easy it is to use Web Button Maker Deluxe. Why suffer from lost sales or site visitors, when you can invest in a program that will pay for itself within days!

    This powerful tool includes everything you need to perfect your home page. It comes jam-packed with more than 200 professionally designed button templates and textures, that you can play with, tweak and modify to suit your own needs.

    Web Button Maker Deluxe will even create the HTML code you need to have mouse-over and mouse-pressed states for your buttons. No javascript and complex HTML-knowledge required.

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