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    Virtual Families Demo - Virtual Families Demo İndir konusu Look after your own little family and guide its growth in Virtual Families, the latest simulation game from the creators of the Virtual Villagers Start with a single friend and help her start her career, meet a mate, and create a home Keep your family performing at their best and feeling great and they will reward you with generation after generation of original fun Whether your family succeeds or fails is all up to you in this fantastic sim Featuring hidden puzzles to solve, loads of upgrades to collect, and addictive gameplay, you'll want to return to your Virtual Families again and again Especially because they will continue to learn and grow in true real-time -- even if your computer is turned off! Meet your new family in the demo version, or play the full version and lead your little friends on the adventure of their lives A wonderful sim for casual gamers, play Virtual Families and discover the possibilities for fun



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