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    PhotoImpact allows beginners to quickly achieve professional-looking results, while providing advanced features so users won't feel limited as they gain experience. With each new release, PhotoImpact includes more new features to keep it in line with the competition. For many years I have considered PhotoImpact the best value photo editor for Windows and it consistently remains one of my top picks, especially for beginners.

    - All-in-one solution for photo editing and enhancement, graphic design and Web design.
    - Presets and automated tools make it easy for beginners, but advanced users have powerful tools, too.
    - Combines vector & bitmap drawing, photo enhancement, retouching, text, 3D design, and Web graphics.
    - Offers batch processing & automation, multiple print layouts, many presets, effects, and filters.
    - EasyPalette for one-click preset effects, animations, brushes, styles, fills, shapes, objects, etc.
    - Offers the most comprehensive Web publishing tool set of any other product in its class.
    - Includes Photo Explorer for image organization and PhotoImpact Album for cataloging images.
    - Includes GIF Animator for creating, editing, optimizing and adding special effects to motion images.
    - Tons of bonus content: Web components, photos, clip art, presets, animations, filters, objects, etc.
    Guide Review - Ulead PhotoImpact 12
    PhotoImpact delivers a mind-boggling array of features at a price that makes it one of the best values in image editing software for Windows. PhotoImpact offers a suite of tools for Web graphics creation, image editing, photo correction and enhancement, drawing and painting, plus plenty of extras for special effects and creative exploration.
    It comes with a GIF animator, Web component designer, image slicer and optimizer, image browser and organizer, photo album database, panorama photo creator, print layout component, screen capture tool, automation and batch conversion features, and Web page creation tools. At the heart of PhotoImpact is the EasyPalette which includes hundreds (if not thousands) of predefined drag-and-drop effects, styles, objects, textures, and shapes. Any of the presets can be customized, refined, and saved for future use in the EasyPalette.

    New in Version 12 is an ExpressFix mode that automates common tasks and simplifies the user interface for new users. A new SmartGuide also provides step-by-step help for new users. Other new features in version 12 are auto noise reduction, auto white balance control, and new project, Web page and blog templates. Several advanced features have also been enhanced such as high dynamic range capabilities, 16-bit image support, RAW file support, text and path tools.

    PhotoImpact is easy and fun to use, but flexible enough to grow with the user. It offers many unique features that aren't available from the competition, such as 3D object manipulation, CD burning, and Web publishing capabilities. It's a terrific all-in-one solution for users who don't require high-end features and commercial output, and its unique offerings and low price make it an attractive companion tool for those who do

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