Tunceli ilinin ingilizce tanıtımı - İngilizce Tunceli tanıtımı

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    Tunceli ilinin ingilizce tanıtımı - İngilizce Tunceli tanıtımı konusu
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    Tunceli is the provincial capital of Tunceli Province in Turkey. Tunceli has a population of 25,041 (2000 census) and most of the population are Zaza and Kurmanc Kurds in Tunceli. They can speak both Turkish and Zazaki. The official language is Turkish.

    Tunceli is located in the middle of the eastern part of Turkey. Although the population of Tunceli gradually decreased, it is really important for its people that still live in Tunceli and migrated different cities and countries. Tunceli is covered with huge mountains, which are called Munzur Mountains, and most of these mountains are holy for Tunceli public like the Munzur River and the other natural things.

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