Total Uninstall Pro 5.3

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    Total Uninstall Pro 5.3 konusu
    Total Uninstall Pro 5.3


    Total Uninstall Pro 5.3 | 5.2MB

    Üreticinin Açıklaması:
    Total Uninstall - powerful installation monitor and advanced uninstaller
    Alternative uninstaller to Windows Add Remove Programs to remove programs completely.
    With Installed Programs module analyze installed programs and create a log that can be used to do a…

    complete uninstall even without the help of provided Add/Remove program.
    With Monitored Programs module it helps to monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new application. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied Add/Remove program which can leave files or changes behind.
    Compatible with 32-bit and X64 operating systems

    * Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000


    * 2009.01.30 - New features and optimizations.
    * 2009.01.05 - New features and countless improvements.
    * 2008.11.26 - Important maintenance release.

    Version 5.2.0 ( Friday, January 30, 2009 )
    * Adaptive compare snapshots algorithm. Compare time reduced in all cases to a few seconds (before the compare time could take in some cases up to 5 minutes).
    + Items from changes tree can be renamed [Professional edition].
    + Analysis progress in status bar
    + Reload action to cancel unsaved changes from installation log.
    * Improved installation analyzer.

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