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    Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain - İngilizce Kitap Özeti konusu
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    Tom Sawyer kitap tanıtımı - ingilizce Tom Sawyer kitap özeti

    “Tom,Tom” shouted Aunt Polly. She heard something. She saw he run. She could catch his jacket. Tom convinced Aunt Polly and ran.
    She will punish to him.
    Tom today went to river so he didn’t go to school. Tom and Jim chop the wood.
    Tom and Aunt Polly talked about the school.
    Tom met a stranger. His all clothes ironed. He was very fashionable.They decided to fight. Tom fight a stranger boy. “I will fight you until you say enough.” The boy “Enough!”
    Tom waited in front of his house. His mother said to Aunt Polly. Aunt Polly will punish to Tom. Tom will work in the garden on Saturday.
    He is painting the fence, but he can’t finish the fence in the today. Tom wanted to help from Jim. “If you help me, I will give you a marble. Jim at first didn’t refuse, but at last he refused.
    Ben was watched tom. Ben wanted to help to Tom , but Tom didn’t refuse it.
    Ben wanted to try it. “ If I painted the fence I will give a half apple” he said. “No” answered Tom.
    Tom came and ”Can I go to play with my friends?” he asked. Aunt Polly “If you finished the fence you can go. “Yes I finished.”
    She didn’t belive to Tom she went to check the fence. Tom really finished the painting. “Tom I proud of you, now you can go” said Aunt Polly. Aunt Polly gave the prize of apple to Tom. Tom didn’t listen her and he ran out. He saw Sid in the garden.
    He saw the groups in the town centre. Their groups had planed to fight. Two commanders sat on a wall and directed their soldiers. In the end changed the prisoners and they decided to next fight date. Tom went home.
    He saw a girl. The girl very lovely with green eyes. He watched her. Tom took the flower but didn’t see again the girl.
    He wasn’t happy when he woke up. He tought he was ill. If he is ill he can’t go to school. First tought of his stomache. He had toothache. Tom didn’t like to fail.
    “What is wrong with you?” she asked. “You don’t look good.” “I eill die soon.” Said Tom. “ I’m beeing poisoned.” Aunt Polly look his tooth and she wanted to rope and coal from Marry. “No don’t pull my tooth. I don’t have any aches. I don’t went to miss class.” Said Tom. Marry came with coal and rope.
    After the breakfast he met his friend. He forgotten his pulled out tooth. She looked very happy.
    Tom met Huckleberry Finn. He like play with Huck but Aunt Polly never wanted to it because he was extraordinary person. He slept on the grass in summer. He wore dirty clothes. He walked barefoot when the weather was hot but, it was cold he wore his shoes. He didn’t wear clean clothes. In Huck’s hand he had a dead cat. They decided to go to forest.
    Tom waiting Huck. They went to grave-yard to big tree.
    Now Satan, Muff Potter and Red Joe came, they found the coffin. Soon they took out dead body. The doctor came. Red Joe and Muff Potter jumped on the doctor. Red Joe killed the doctor. Potter begged to Joe for don’t tell anyone.
    Tom and Huck decided to this their secret.
    The next day everybody was talking about murder. A man said the knife belonged to Muff Potter. “Is that yours?” sheriff asked. He fainted. The sheriff wanted to tell story from Red Joe. He said lie.
    He walking and thinking. He met Joe Harper. Joe Harper had the same ideas as Tom. They go to Jackson Island in the Missisipi River. Two friends and Huck decided to meet in the middle. They took some food. At midnight, they went to Jackson Island. They lit a fire and sat around. They ate meal. They free in the end. Soon Huck lit a cigarette. He started to smoke. Other two boys wanted to try it. Tom felt bad when he smoked.
    In the morning they woke up. They swam. They heard some noises snd went to boat. The boat deparatured. The boys returned the camp.
    Tom would go to his house. Aunt Polly when waiting wasn’t alone at home Joe Harper’s moyher was there. Later Mrs. Harper went her house. Aunt Polly went to sleep Tom came and kissed her.
    There was a crowd in the churc’s yard.He priest was praying when the boys is came in. Tom and his friends were famous.
    Aunt Polly kissed him and begged to mustn’t do again.
    He went to school. Beckky suddenly remembered the ink was poured on the teacher’s book. Tom went to the classroom. Thought Tom “strange girl she is.” In the classroom the teacher saw his book. “ Who did?” he asked. Nobody was answered. Teacher punish to Becky.
    Soon it was holiday and Becky went to holiday. He was alone and he wanted adventures.
    Tom sorry about Muff Potter. Because he is innocent. The next morning the court date and Tom and Huck in the saloon. The court started judge listened to witnesses. Suddenly the judge called out Tom Sawyer. The judge asked to Tom. Tom answered to the judge. Tom said all he had see. He in the end said the murder.
    He was on holiday and he didn’t want to spend it at home. He must did something else. He had hear about treasure. Tom and Huck went to find treasure.
    The next day Tom and Huck went to tht hounted house, but the two men, Spanish man and Red Joe find the treasure, too. Tom and Huck heard “number 2” from Red Joe.
    Tom after breakfast went Huck. They searched the two’s secret. Tom went and didn’t back on half an hour. He went to inns. One of the room belonged to a lawyer. Red Joe was in the other room. Tom waited for the room to be empty.
    Huck heard some sounds. He saw two men carrying a chest. He went to Tom for inform to Tom. Two men put the teasure in the cave. Tom and Becky walked in the cave. Tom and Becky were lost in the cave. It was midnight and the lost children in the cave. Tom and Becky were in the house, but Tom found the treasure with Huck. Tom and Huck went to the cave. They lit the candles and walked in the cave. They saw a rock. It is written 2 on the rock. The boys began to dig the ground. They found the chest and they are rich.


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