The Sims 3 v1.0.85 (iTouch / iPhone)

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    The Sims 3 v1.0.85 (iTouch / iPhone) konusu The Sims 3 v1.0.85 (iTouch / iPhone)


    The Sims 3 v1.0.85 (iTouch / iPhone) | 64 MB

    THE WAIT IS OVER! From the best-selling PC franchise in history, The Sims™ 3 is available now for your iPhone™ and iPod® touch! LIFE WITH THE SIMS─THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

    Play with your Sim using touch and accelerometer controls while exploring stunning 3D open-world environments. Customize your Sim with personality traits and physical characteristics, as you decide whether to fulfill their destiny...or not. Do good or mischief. Fall in love or watch them get dumped. Pick a fight or make a friend. Good or bad, enjoy the ride with The Sims as they experience everything “real” life has to offer. ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!

    First, choose a personality for your Sim like Neurotic, Funny, Shy or Bored. Then, make your Sim come to life with physical characteristics like bouncy blonde hair or a Mohawk, bright baby blues or big brown eyes. Wrap it all up with customized clothing and accessories for guaranteed Sim-appeal!

    Travel through The Sims neighborhood, updated exclusively for your iPhone and iPod touch. Lose yourself in the amazing world of The Sims, explore the town around you and discover what kind of Sim they will be.

    Keep your Sim happy by fulfilling its basic needs like eating, bathing, sleeping, and bathroom breaks. When your Sim is a happy camper, you can tap into even more activities to keep it (and you!) entertained for hours.

    Unlock 73 goals & wishes for your Sim as you to help it self-actualize with activities like socializing with other Sims, making home repairs, gardening and cooking. And for the more ‘eccentric’ Sim, go ahead and encourage it to talk to trees and kick over garbage cans. It’s hilarious─and it’s one of their goals!

    The circle of life is infinite in The Sims 3, so savor endless hours of entertainment─anytime, anywhere!


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