Tamara Drewe Kitap Özeti - Posy Simmonds

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    Kitap Özet

    Tamara Drewe has transformed herself. Plastic surgery, a different wardrobe, a smouldering look, have given her confidence and a new and thrilling power to attract, which she uses recklessly. Often just for the fun of it. People are drawn to Tamara Drewe, male and female. In the remote village where her late mother lived Tamara arrives to clear up the house. Here she becomes an object of lust, of envy, the focus of unrequited love, a seductress. To the village teenagers she is 'plastic-fantastic', a role model. Ultimately, when her hot and indiscriminate glances lead to tragedy, she is seen as a man-eater, a heartless marriage wrecker, a slut. First appearing as a s e r i a l (yasak Kelime!) in the "Guardian", in book form, "Tamara Drewe" has been enlarged, embellished and lovingly improved by the author.


    Tamara Drewe
    Posy Simmonds
    Yayınevi: Jonathan Cape
    ISBN: 9780224078177
    Dil: İngilizce
    Türü: Çizgi Roman

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