Tabula Rasa - How Old Are You...?

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    Tabula Rasa - How Old Are You...?

    Here is the path Im shown
    Step by step was not my choice
    One more year to go
    So this map has been cut short
    Whats in this job that Ive been learning
    Whos satisfied
    What happens when my cliff has come should I jump or hold
    To a safe place at that time
    Thoughts I cant control
    Push all plans Ive had aside
    With one more year to go
    A chance to change Ill never know
    Which is the way that I will step into some life
    Trying to stand straight trying to conform
    To the first person in my line

    This is the way we operate
    Life made easy
    Look towards no identity
    (slip into the crowd)
    (because its easy)
    (no one will miss me)

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