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    Symbian OS9.1 (SIS) Uzantılı Oyunlar ! konusu
    Infinite.Dreams.Superminers.176x208.v1.07b.S60v3.S ymbianOS9.1.*****ed-OPDA
    Infinite.Dreams.Superminers.240x320.v1.07b.S60v3.S ymbianOS9.1.*****ed-OPDA

    Infinite.Dreams.Superminers.320x240.v1.07b.S60v3.S ymbianOS9.1.*****ed-OPDA

    Join Miss Rusty and Dr. Drill in their incredible underground adventure. Help them finding treasures hidden in the mines all around the world! Incredible graphics and sound, over 100 levels to complete, signle and multiplayer modes. All of this will keep you entertained for hours!
    Try it, you won't be disappointed.


    - singleplayer,
    - multiplatform (Series60-Series80-Series90-UIQ-Palm-PocketPC) mulitplayer via bluetooth up to 2 players! (cooperative and competitive modes),
    - over 100 game levels.
    - tutorial that will let you jump into the game easily,
    - exciting new game features such as fireball, magic ball, teleports, ghosts portals and many others ,

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Amazing graphics and visual effects including:

    - plenty of blended sprites,
    - huge transparent explosions,
    - dynamic lighting, shadows,
    - advanced particle system (fire, smoke, sparks).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Multichannel audio system with high quality original soundtrack and plenty of ingame sound effects.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Infinite.Dreams.Superminers.176x208.v1.07b.S60v3.S ymbianOS9.1.*****ed-OPDA

    Infinite.Dreams.Superminers.240x320.v1.07b.S60v3.S ymbianOS9.1.*****ed-OPDA

    Infinite.Dreams.Superminers.320x240.v1.07b.S60v3.S ymbianOS9.1.*****ed-OPDA
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    Gabor Fetter MicroPool 2007 v5.01 S60v3 Keygen-BiNPDA

    Bilardo Oyunu Symbian Os9 için !

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Photo-realistic graphics, intuitive controls, simulation and
    fun... Who is better in pool, You or your phone?


    US 8-ball, 9-ball, Killer and Speed games
    1 player, 2 players and demo mode
    Fast performance
    photo-realistic graphics
    Precise physics
    Stunning sound effects
    Advanced artifical intelligence
    Easy learning curve
    3 pool tables with different colors
    On-device help

    Revision history:

    5.01: Support for all S60 3rd Edition phones, except E90.
    Improved gaphics and AI strength.

    5.00: First public release

    R E L E A S E N O T E S

    Transfer the file to your device and install
    Use the SymbianOS Keygen which will be installed on your device.
    Have fun with this release from team BiNPDA

    Gabor.Fetter.MicroPool.2007.v5.01.S60v3.SymbianOS9 .1.Incl.SymbianOS.Keygen-BiNPDA
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    Filao Solitaire Pack v3.2 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Retail BiNPDA

    Play the best Solitaire card games with Solitaire Classic. The program includes the famous Solitaire games like Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Aces High, and more. Enjoy stunning colour graphics, unparalleled ease of use and practical features like hint function, undo moves and many more. It is the absolute reference in Solitaire applications!
    This game will take your breath away for hours!!!

    Features :

    * Hint function
    * Undo moves
    * Auto Play option
    * Resume the current game at any time with automatic saves
    * Extensive online help with complete game rules
    * Supports color, gray scale, and high resolution screens
    * 1 MB free memory


    Fifteen games are included

    * Spider, Klondike, Freecell
    * Aces High, Canfield, Calculation
    * Eight Off, Golf, Montana
    * Spiderette, Tabby Cat, Towers
    * Vegas, Wish, Yukon

    Packed with useful features

    * Three display modes: full screen, portrait, and landscape
    * Take-back as many moves as you want with the Undo feature
    * Use the Hint function to receive a suggestion for your next move
    * Resume the current game at any time with Automatic Saves
    * Turn on Auto Play to speed-up the gameplay

    1MB of available memory

    Filao.Solitaire.Pack.v3.2.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Retai l-BiNPDA
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    Mophun Games Launcher v1.01 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 BiNPDA

    Blaze Mophun Emulator for Os9


    Mophun oyunlarını bu emulator sayesinde oynayabilirsiniz emulatorle birlikte yüklenecek olan oyunlar ;

    * ArenaTMN
    * Boxing3D
    * Carmageddon3D
    * Da Vinci Code 3D
    * LnL2 - Exile
    * FatalArena
    * FootballPro
    * GolfProContest
    * GolfProContest2
    * JoesTreasureQuest3D
    * LnL1
    * MA3D
    * RallyProContest

    Oyunların Çoğu 3D ve Bluetooth ile MultiPlayer destekli

    Mophun Games Launcher v1.01 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 BiNPDA
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    Description :

    Robo is the great puzzle which contains over seventy diverse levels, brain twisting tasks and plenty graphics. Let's help two loving cybernetic hearts to find each other!

    The love makes people to commit imprudences, follies and different stupid things. Will anybody in his right mind risk his health and life, get under the rays of laser guns, break legs in the stone conglomerations, carry dreadful bombs and wander in fatal mazes? Love is a virus; and there are no walls which can stop it. Even robots can't resist it. You are able to become a participant of this unusual love-story. Try to add some logic and consistency in this bustle of the hot cybernetic passion, overcome together with Robo all thinkable obstacles walking through snow storms, scotched deserts and cold mountains. It is known that only humans intellect could rescue machines that going mad.

    So Robo has to save Eny, who is kidnapped by evil Discharger and now held in the underground compound, protected by lasers. In order to move, our hero has to block laser beams that guard all passageways or destroy laser cannons. This objective can be reached by moving stones to block laser beams, using bombs to explode laser cannons or (for the gaming Einsteins) making cannons destroy each other. The game rules are very simple, but the game itself is not, because bombs and stones are very scarce.

    Are you ready to beat your brains out of this situation?

    Game features:

    76 original levels
    4 game worlds
    Outstanding graphics and animation
    Increasing difficulty of quests
    Smart music
    Simple rules and captivating game-play

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    3D Arts 3D Sudoku v1.11.S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 *****ed-BiNPDA

    3D-Sudoku is a modern version of current hit-game. While every cell of one puzzle is entered, game tells you if you've gone wrong at some point. Solve the puzzle perfectly to add it in the cube, get the cube rolling and step to the next level. Solve every side of the 3D-puzzlecube and be the Sudoku-champion.

    Sudoku Oyunu SymbianOs 9.1 için !

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    Crazysoft Final Battle v1.02 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Retail BiNPDA


    Huge and funny adventure game which reminds the old classic ones. The plot is happening at the age of the knights. Your character is a guy who wakes up in a prison cell with amnesia. He doesn't even know who he is! Your task is to escape from the prison and find out the entire story behind your capture.

    Crazysoft.Final.Battle.v1.02.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Re tail-BiNPDA
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    Features :

    Five different stages to explore (docks, beach, village, caves and vulcano)
    50 levels, including normal, extra and bonus levels
    Lots of powerups to collect
    Challenging end-boss
    Five different Instant Games for endless instant fun!
    Cool particle effects
    Smooth horizontal and vertical scrolling
    Stunning pre-rendered 3D graphics!
    Smooth animations
    Catchy music and enjoyable sound effects by DJ PWB
    Flexible control system allowing total customization
    Additional stylus input
    Unlockable extra features
    Online highscore publishing
    Addictive gameplay

    Version 1.45
    Bugfix for Windows Mobile concerning backlight control and power button
    Screen orientation fixes for Symbian
    Music and sound play without interruptions on Symbian 9+
    Built with new EDGELIB

  9. Mavi_Sema

    Mavi_Sema Özel Üye SymbianOS9.1.*****ed-BiNPDA



    Description :

    Return to Mysterious Island
    follows Mina, a strong young woman alone on a round-the-world sailing expedition. Caught in a tremendous storm, she becomes stranded on the shores of a wild and apparently uninhabited
    island - your quest for Survival begins!

    Available in english and french.

    Devices : Nokia E50, N73, N92, N93
    Available now for : Nokia E61 and all landscape 320x240 symbian s60v3 devices.

    Return to Mysterious

    Game Features:
    Inspired by the Jules Verne classic: The

    Numerous tactile, inventory and environmental puzzles to solve
    A unique inventory system where items can be combined and dismantled for use throughout the game
    Many inventory items to collect (more than 150 items), from basic items to modern technologies
    Full 360° vision, Beautifully created, lush tropical
    Ambient sounds for a total immersive experience

    Game Requirements:

    Symbian s60 3rd edition - QVGA screen (240X320)
    Compatible with SYMBIAN s60 352x416 screen devices, but at a fixed 240x320 size.
    20 MB of free memory for program - 20 MB storage space (40 during intall)
    Symbian s60 3rd edition - Landscape QVGA screen (320x240)
    20 MB of free memory for program - 40 MB storage space (80 during intall SymbianOS9.1.*****ed-BiNPDA
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    RealDice Multiplayer Championship Backgammon v1.46 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Regged

    Symbian Os9 Multiplayer Tavla ..

    İster Bluetooth ister Gprs'den Oyunu Mutiplayer (2'li) oynayabilirsiniz ..


    Multiplayer Championship Backgammon (Symbian OS) by RealDice Inc.

    Multiplayer Championship Backgammon features powerful unique AI opponents, stunning customizable graphics & Career mode. Play against real people online to build up your bankroll.


    Game Description:

    The 2nd installment in the Real Dice multiplayer series. Play Backgammon online against real people from around the world or offline against multiple unique AI opponents. Enjoy spectacular graphics, customization and campaign mode.


    * Online multiplayer
    games against real people
    * Spectacular graphics and simple interface
    * Single player quick games and campaign mode
    * Multiple unique AI opponents
    * Board customization and statistics
    * Hotseat game for 2 players on the same device


    Every Real Dice game includes FREE access to the Community, from your device and the Web. Make your own character, build a buddy list and see who is online, send messages, chat, stream new updates and game releases, visit the Hall of Fame and more! There is nothing else like it for your mobile device.


    RealDice.Multiplayer.Championship Backgammon.v1.46.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1-Regged
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    Mobile.Stream.Meteor.BreakOut.2.v1.2.S60v3.Symbian OS9.1.Retail-HSpda


    Meteor is an amazing Breakout remake for Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Symbian devices. You have to destroy bricks, saving your meteor from enemy missiles and getting as much power-ups as possible. 90 various levels with attractive space environment make much fun for players of all ages. A must for arkanoid fans!

    Meteor for Symbian S60 3rd edition smartphones.

    Meteor352x416.sis is tuned for 352x416 devices (Nokia N80, Nokia E60, E70, N83). It may run slow on other devices.

    Meteor176x208.sis is tuned for 176x208 smartphones (Nokia N91, Nokia 3250, N72). It may run slow on other devices.

    Meteor240x320.sis is tuned for 240x320 smartphones (Nokia E50, N73, N93, N71, N92, E61). It may run slow on other devices.

    Please ignore any warnings during the installation.

    Make sure that Tools - App Manager - Options - Settings "Software Installation" is set to "On", not to the "Signed only".

    Mobile.Stream.Meteor.BreakOut.2.v1.2.S60v3.Symbian OS9.1.Retail-HSpda
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    Great.Ape.Oval.Racer.v1.04.001.Beta.S60v3.SymbianO S9.1.*****ed-SyMPDA

    Oval Racer brings you real racing, for real racers. The hardest, fastest, meanest, driving game ever seen for mobile phones.



    Oval Racer brings you real racing, for real racers. The hardest, fastest, meanest, driving game ever seen for mobile phones. Developed by a kart racer with 15 years racing experience, not an armchair enthusiast, you'll see and feel the difference. Oval Racer was developed to bring you the thrills of real life wheel to wheel, bumper to bumper racing.


    * The best driving model you've ever played.
    * Race across 27 different oval and ''square oval'' tracks
    * AI (Artifical intelligence) cars that give you the toughest closest racing experience imaginable.
    * Wheel to wheel, bumper to bumper, non-stop action with upto 24 cars per race
    * Mud, Dirt and Tarmac tracks
    * Three different formulas: Rookie, Racer and Elite
    * Choice of three cars within each formula
    * Configurable graphic detail
    * Compete in Rookie, Racer, Elite or Custom championships
    * Replay and demo mode feature stunning camera angles, front and rear bumper cams, multiple trackside cameras plus overhead blimp circling the circuit.
    * All opponents running on the exact same physics as you, driven by sophisticated AI software.
    * No gimmicks, no power ups, no canned crashes, no horrible jingly jangly music, just pure top quality racing.

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    ZGroup Mobile Chumba.v1.0 S60 CSCPDA (352x416) (240x320)

    Main hero is called CHUMBA. He is prehistorical man who has to get back four different diamonds. Every diamond symbolise one element of nature. All of these diamonds has been stolen by evil creatures.

    The world stability is in danger. Chumba is the one who can save it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Chumba Game Features:

    - four tutorial levels
    - four kind of enemies
    - four different univers (jungle, caves, snow, castle)
    - twelve full playable levels

    Chumba movement:

    - walk left, right
    - jump up, left, right
    - can climb vertical lians, chains, strings
    - slide on the lians, strings
    - slide on the ice,

    Chumba stuff and others:

    - mushrom which gives energy but it cause hallucination
    - mushroom which gives immortality for a short time
    - two weapons (normal club and indestructible club)
    - coins (gives scores)
    - piece of wood (need to build bridge)
    - hammer (need to build bridge)
    - nails (need to build bridge)
    - piece of string (need to build a bomb)
    - explosive powder (need to build a bomb)
    - key
    - door
    - earthquake if Chumba fall to high (but fall from large height killing Chumba immediately)


    - spikes (killing chumba)
    - bees (can fly over the whole level)
    - worms (creep over the ground)
    - spiders (climbs on lians)
    - ghosts (only in castle)


    4,6 - move or climb left, right
    2 - jump or climb up
    1,3 - jump left, right
    5 - hit club
    8 - climb down or move cave view down
    # - switch on/off view mode


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    Real Football 2006 3D in SISX - All Symbian 9 Phones Except 5500

    Real Football 2006 3D SisX versiyonu ...

    Not : Java değil ! Symbian Os9 için !


  15. Mavi_Sema

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    Gameloft.Massive.Snowboarding.3D.240x320.S60v3.Sym bianOS9.1.Retail


    Ever dream of getting a taste of the purest powder while busting the wildest moves on your snowboard? Massive Snowboarding makes it possible! You'll need stellar courage and balance to perform the most insane tricks and cross the finish line first! The realism on your mobile phone will blow your mind with the larger-than-life mountains and courses involving not only speed, but jumps, slides, and half-pipes too. Even the climate conditions are unpredictable. In short, it's a true revolution in the world of simulated extreme sports for mobile phones!

    - Stunning 3D visuals: enjoy the details and realism of the three-dimensional worlds reproduced in the game

    - Beautifully rendered mountains, characters that are full of personality, and tons of different courses

    - Huge bag of tricks: impressive combos with spins, flips, grabs, and grinds

    Compatible devices:
    Nokia E50, N73, N93, N95

    Gameloft.Massive.Snowboarding.3D.240x320.S60v3.Sym bianOS9.1.Retail
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    Midnight Bowling 3D Symbian (OS9 - 240x320) v1.0.0


    Jump right in to the 3D bowling game with a total party atmosphere! Choose between characters, and prove yourself in Instant Play mode. You will earn money that allows you to unlock all of the game's custom options: more characters, fantastic costumes, and custom ball colors and designs!

    To take a shot, choose your starting point, power up, take aim and throw... but it doesn't stop there! No more waiting helplessly for your ball to get to the end of the lane: Midnight Bowling 3D allows you to control the spin effect on your ball even after you've thrown it! In addition to the challenging and authentic gameplay, Midnight Bowling 3D has an environment that makes you feel like you're in a swanky lounge, with subtle lighting and classy decor. Watch the 3D shots from eight different camera angles.

    With five different playing modes (including an online challenge mode), numerous bonuses to unlock, amazing full 3D animation, and active gameplay with the exclusive spin effect control system, all taking place in a lush club atmosphere, Midnight Bowling 3D is the most complete and entertaining bowling game for mobile phones!


    • Amazing production: High quality 3D GFX + 8 dynamic camera angles
    • Tons of bonuses to unlock: new characters, balls and costumes!
    • Challenging yet manageable rich gameplay: control the spin of your ball after you throw it for extremely involved gameplay!
    • Immersive atmosphere with an nightclub style excitement and lively animations
    • Featuring Beyoncé's smash hit "Naughty Girl"
      • Symbian OS9 (240x320) phones
      Midnight Bowling 3D Symbian (OS9 - 240x320) v1.0.0
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    3D.Arts.Soccer.Pinball.v1.00.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Re tail-SyMPDA

    Soccer Pinball, 1.0

    GOAL! Break through the opponents defenses and score in this fast phased soccer pinball action.


    GOAL! Break through the opponents defenses and score in this fast phased soccer pinball action. Advanced graphics, created with DieselEngine®

    600kb of Available RAM

    Compatible Devices

    • Nokia 3250 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia 5500 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia E50 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia E60 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia E70 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia N71 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia N73 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia N80 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia N91 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia N93 (S60 3rd Edition)
  18. Mavi_Sema

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    HeroCraft.Ball.Rush.Aqua.v1.00.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1. *****ed-BiNPDA

    Application Description
    Modern technologies and the undecayed classics: Ball Rush Aqua is enthralling arcanoid that realized eternal ideas on the up-to-date level.


    Now you are able to travel along the underwater world. This game strikes by its diversity

    HeroCraft.Ball.Rush.Aqua.v1.00.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1. *****ed-BiNPDA
  19. Mavi_Sema

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    Fun.And.Mobile.I.Hate.Guns.v1.12.S60v3.SymbianOS9. 1.*****ed-BiNPDA


    First "real" game on mobile phones! Brand new platform adventure, full of action, karate fights, traps coming out of nowhere, deadly desert animals and other surprises to face. You can use several different tactics, including combo attacks, which will help you beat even large number of aggresive enemies. Plus breath taking environments, ear-catching sound effects and all these tiny little details, that make the game really fun.

    Play a role of McGrady, ex-policeman with at least one dark "Accident" on his record, saving a daughter, who he hasn't seen in 20 years. Travel to the Near East to find who and why has robbed and murdered his former best friend. Find out why McGrady doesn't like guns anymore! Doesn't the whole plot seem like only a part of some bigger plan?

    Please note, that during the tests it turned out that on Nokia N93 the game is not fully playable - this handset doesn't allow to press two keys at the same time, what makes some of the basic moves unable to perform. You still can play the whole game and complete it, but it will not be that fun. In other words - FUN and MOBILE does not recommend playing on this handset.


    * 6 stages plus The Final Battle,
    * Intuitive and customizable controls,
    * Intriguing storyline and main hero,
    * Intense action - fights against up to 18 opponents at the same time,
    * 6 different attacks - 3 punches and 3 kicks,
    * Tutorial describing moves and game mechanics,
    * Various opponents using many weapons, different attacks and numerous tactics,
    * Stunning visuals - multilayered graphics, parallax effect, 900+ animation frames,
    * 3D sounds, over 70 sound effects,
    * 3 difficulty levels,
    * High Scores table,
    * Many hours of gameplay!

    Fun.And.Mobile.I.Hate.Guns.v1.12.S60v3.SymbianOS9. 1.*****ed-BiNPDA
  20. Mavi_Sema

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    Brothers In Arms 3D Symbian (OS9 - 240x320) v1.0.0


    Taking command isn't easy. Taking the consequences is even harder.

    Throughout the game's 5 missions, you'll get the chance to show off all of your military talents and your expert command of weapons. You'll have to master the sniper rifle, the grenade launcher, the Thompson machine gun, and even grenades to blow your enemies away. With the bazooka, you'll shoot buildings where Nazis are hidden and wreak massive destruction with impressive realism.

    You'll have to be able to steer the famous M-4 Sherman and engage the legendary Rommel's Panzers in battle. Shake things up inside the enemy lines by firing off powerful shells at German bunkers, Panzers, armored trains and buildings... or by crushing your opponents! Master the legendary Jeep and force the enemies out so that the soldier wielding the machine gun can eliminate them. Moreover, once you will have defeated German troops on the game's "easy" setting, you will have the possibility to tackle the "hard" or "veteran" difficulty levels for additional challenge.

    In Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood™3D, you'll maneuver through a fully-3D world with amazing sequences with planes hedge-hopping, buildings exploding and stronghold attacks that will allow you to dive right into the intensity of the most gruesome battles of WWII. For example, you'll discover the small traditional Norman village and its German snipers lying in ambush in the bell-tower and endure air raids and constant bombardment. The third-person view over-the- shoulder and camera-shakes bring a gripping atmosphere to the game and guarantee total immersion worthy of the best Hollywood blockbusters!

    Immediate pick-up-and-play combined with highly intuitive gameplay will make you feel like you're right in the middle of WWII, with you and your brothers in arms ready to crush the Nazi troops.

    • The 3D mobile version of the blockbuster game for consoles & PC
    • A game already hailed by critics: "This is a console-quality game running on a cellphone." - IGN
    • The atmosphere of a real Hollywood WWII blockbuster: crashing planes, tanks destroying buildings, stronghold attacks... take part in large-scale battles!
    • Unbelievably realistic 3D graphics: incredibly detailed environments, highly believable characters, cinematic camerawork and amazing animations
    • Pilot a jeep or a Sherman tank, and use a wide range of weapons (bazooka, sniper rifle, grenades, etc.)


      Symbian OS9 (240x320) phones
    Brothers In Arms 3D Symbian (OS9 - 240x320) v1.0.0
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