Super Bluetooth Hack v1.08 J2ME *updated*

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    Super Bluetooth Hack v1.08 J2ME *updated* konusu Super Bluetooth Hack v1.08 J2ME *updated*


    Program for controlling and reading information from remote phone via bluetooth or infra. Phone List and SMS can be stored in html format.

    The latest version features the following functions:

    * Informations: display informations about battery, network, sim card
    * Ringing: playing sounds of incoming call, alarm clock...
    * Calls: dialing number, ending a call..
    * Language: change language in phone
    * Keys, Pressed keys: pressing and watching pressed keys
    * Contacts
    * Reading SMS
    * Silent mode: turning on or off
    * Phone functionality: turning off the network / phone
    * Hlasitosť zvonenia
    * Alarms:
    * Clock: change date and time
    * Phone locks
    * Clip, Clir
    * Change network operator
    * Java: start, delete java applications
    * Media Player
    * Text
    * SE applications
    * Calendar
    * Keys sound
    * Temperature:
    * Paired devices:
    * Volume
    * Memory status:
    * Radio icon
    * Keylock

    Pw: chopper29



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