Soul Of Darkness | JAVA | 240x320

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    Soul Of Darkness | JAVA | 240x320 konusu

    Soul Of Darkness | JAVA | 240x320
    Use your sharp blade and your transformation powers to save your beloved's life... and yours

    * Enter an absorbing gothic environment thanks to impressive music and a 3D-like graphic background.
    * 11 levels to explore, from huge castles and cathedrals to dark woods and caves.
    * Great replay value: play through levels you've already finished to discover additional secrets.
    * Challenging gameplay: use your transformation ability to reach hidden inaccessible spots.
    * Upgrade your fire sword and ice spear to perform more powerful attacks and magic.
    * Legions of dark creatures to fight (werewolves, gargoyles, zombies, etc.) in fabulous decors.

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