SMARTCAM 1.03 Webcam S60v5 ve 5800

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    SMARTCAM 1.03 Webcam S60v5 ve 5800 konusu Arkadaşlar telefonunuzu webcam olarak kullanabileceğiniz bir program..sertifikalayıp kurun..

    Webcam free.

    * There are 2 connection types for your choice:
    1> Bluetooth
    2> Wifi (New) Currently you only use it to dc Wifi only, but the Bluetooth connection fails (errors do not know). The more you research nhé.
    * Instructions for use (WIFI connection)
    Computer and phone you must connect to the Internet with WIFI
    - Load on compressed file and run file: SmartCam_v1_3.exe toinstall on your computer. Installation is complete open up the program.
    - Copy file: SmartCamS60v5_v1_3.sis to your phone and install.
    - On the PC: After running PC applications on the File tab toselect settings -> select Connetion in the TCP / IP (Wifi) Port:9361.
    - On the Phone:
    + Running SmartCam applications.
    Items + Options -> Connect -> TCP / IP (WiFi).
    + Server name (this is important You enter the IP number of your PC.
    + Application will ask you to connect to the Internet, you choose your Internet connection with Wifi nhé.

    Sifre: chopper29

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    tekkurlerde indiremedi m

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