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    Slingo Mystery - Who's Gold Demo - Slingo Mystery - Who's Gold Demo İndir konusu Get the ultimate payback on an ex-husband and his new wife in Slingo Mystery – Who’s Gold, a fantastic game that mixes exciting Slingo action with fun hidden object detective work! Maggie Gold is casino mogul Freddy Gold's first wife who got left out in the cold after their messy divorce Freddy kept his money and all possessions while Maggie lost everything, including her ring Now that Freddy is dead, his new wife is getting ready to cash in on the inheritance but something isn't sitting right with Maggie Who killed Freddy? What secrets did he leave behind? Who is really on the will? Help Maggie uncover these answers while pulling off a casino heist to get what she deserves back! Track down the clues to Freddy’s secrets and uncover the mystery behind the Slingo machines Search the high roller’s room, the vault, the tables and other casino locations to find those machines Play them and win to claim their secret prize Can you get to Freddy’s will before his new wife? Play Slingo Mystery – Who’s Gold free with the demo version or download the full version to pull off the ultimate casino heist today!


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