Revenge Of The Chicken

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    It’s high time for the “food” to revenge hungry gluttons who had been tormenting peaceful creatures for centuries. A peaceful hen, called Paula, can’t stand being a victim like all her ancestors any more. She takes up arms to protect her home from the “hen hunter” invasion in an unequal fight.

    Paula’s primary objective is to destroy all bad guys with hungry looks and threads of saliva who are trying to slap her up. Ravenous savages endless in number with forks kept in readiness; they do their best to catch our hen. But Paula isn’t an easy prey. She is well-armed and ready for a fight. When an enemy is destroyed, he turns into a cactus. Shoot at cactuses, which block the way, and mine out coins, which appear after such shooting. Some of them contain very helpful bonuses.

    Enjoy the game, which is highly addictive as well as thought-provoking. You wouldn’t be so careless next time you have chicken for dinner. Now you know even chickens can revenge!

    Game Features
    - 3 difficulty modes;
    - Endless gameplay;
    - Mind-blowing graphics;
    - Special Time Mode to test your skills;
    - 25 levels in 5 episodes;
    - 7 enemy types;
    - 5 bonuses and 3 super bonuses;
    - Lots of fun.​
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