Readon TV Movie Radio Player v6.0.0.0 Portable

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    Readon TV Movie Radio Player v6.0.0.0 Portable konusu
    Readon TV Movie Radio Player v6.0.0.0 Portable

    Readon TV Movie Radio Player v6.0.0.0 Portable | 61 Mb
    Readon TV Movie Radio Player, internetten binlerce TV kanalını izleyebileceğiniz, radyo kanalını dinleyebileceğiniz ve isterseniz MP3 olarak kaydedebilireceğiniz ücretsiz bir program.​

    * Thousands of TV and Radio channels.
    * Latest movies!
    * Live sports!
    * A rich variety of TV channels including movies, kids, news, general TV, music videos, etc.
    * A rich variety of Radio channels including pop, jazz, classical etc.
    * Able to record music from radio and MTV channels into MP3 files so that you can enjoy them in your favourite MP3 player.
    * Record your favourite TV shows into asf video format.
    * Adult video search engines (thousands of videos).
    * Flash games search engine (thousands of games).
    * Able to set password to prevent viewing of objectionable *******s.
    * Automatic updating of channel lists.
    * FREE!
    * Much more!​

    [] 3rd Jan 2010
    1. Added feature: TVU plugin in 3rd party TV.
    2. Fix a bug where Readon Player may craash when stopping a VLC channel.
    3. Fix a bug where VLC plugin will ignore the proxy settings.
    4. User will go through a diagnostic test before submitting bugs.
    5. Some minor bug fixes.

    *Lovers of movies and live sports in particular will find this version upgrade useful.
    *The promised Podcast support will only be completed in future version.


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