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    Rally Master Pro |JAVA |2.04MB
    Creator: FISHLABS
    Screen Size: 176x220 | 240x320
    Genre: Race
    Rally Master Pro" - is java game of new generation for mobile phones! Uncompromising races on 27 detailed route under the hot sun, a torrential rain, or on snow.

    Only in "Rally Master Pro" you can notice as a road covering, weather conditions and a car condition change its behaviour on a route. Attentively listen to the second pilot. You should use brakes for smooth passage of turns.

    It is a unique way of fast passage of a route and reception of the least damages. Look attentively for 3D damages of your car and do not forget to be repaired in breaks between races.

    Interactive repetition of last race, will help to study better a route and to avoid the further errors. Win in three various classes and show to all who here the present master of rally!​

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