Portable Nero 8.0.3 Selection (M. Lang.)

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    Portable Nero 8.0.3 Selection (M. Lang.) konusu [​IMG]Portable Nero 8.0.3 Selected Programs | 71 MB

    This is a portable package containing selected sub-programs of Nero 8.0.3 :

    Nero BurningRom (+Nero Express)
    Nero ShowTime
    Nero PhotoSnap
    Image Drive

    Languages you can use Nero :
    English, Russian, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian

    All programs were designed to work alone. As a result of this, you can
    put them into different places or you can delete any of them that you
    won't use.

    I have to add a last note. This portable Nero was prepared for XP and
    not recommended to be used on Vista because of Registry differences.


    Download Size : 71 mb (81 mb on disk)




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