Portable Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XII.01 Eng/M.Lang

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    Portable Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XII.01 Eng/M.Lang konusu [​IMG]

    Corel Paint Shop Pro

    181 MB(Eng.) | 278 MB(M.Lang)

    New Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo X2 is the ideal choice for any aspiring photographer's digital darkroom. It's filled with everything from easy automatic photo fixes to precision editing tools. It even includes a built-in Learning Center to help new users get started right away!

    NEW & IMPROVED Makeover Tools
    Smooth wrinkles, paint on a tan, and remove blemishes

    NEW Crop as New Image
    Use the Crop As New Image feature to quickly split up multiple-images you scanned at once

    Change colors in a click
    Change the color of objects (clothes, walls, etc) in your photos in just a few seconds

    Repair damaged photos
    Restore old, damaged photos by removing scratches and fading

    Erase backgrounds easily
    Easily cut out the subject of your photos while retaining fine detail (like strands of hair) to place on another background or photo

    Work with professional photo tools
    Work with a variety of professional-level options including 16-bits-per-channel editing, color management settings and Raw file conversion

    Fix photos automatically
    Correct lighting and color problems automatically or use Smart Photo Fix to make manual corrections on your own


    Download PSP English : 181 MB

    Part 1-EasyShare

    Part 2-EasyShare

    Part 1-RapidShare

    Part 2-RapidShare

    Download PSP M.Lang : 278 MB

    Part 1-EasyShare

    Part 2-EasyShare

    Part 3-EasyShare

    Part 1-RapidShare

    Part 2-RapidShare

    Part 3-RapidShare

    * Multilanguage PSP contains English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch

    * Same files were uploaded to Easy and RapidShare. You can download mixed.
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