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    Pk-30mj konusu
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    CameraJ.zipFeatures:PK-30MJModel(s):PK-30MJFor Operation System:Windows 2000/2003/X64bit/Vista 32bit / 64bit (Driver free on Windows XP or Vista)Version:V1.0Posted:11/03/2007
    * All PC Drivers are in Zip format. Therfore, if you do not have Zip software yet, please download & install WinZip before installing the device driver.
    Instructions on How to download and install the driver properly:
    1.) Press Download button to download the desired driver.
    2.) Save it somewhere where you will remember after download. We recommend that you save it on your desktop, so it will be easy to find.
    3.) pull out Pc Camera form your computer.
    4.) open the downloaded file.
    5.) Follow the on-screen instructions.
    6.) When it's successfully installed, please restart your computer.
    7.) After you have restarted the computer, connect Pc Camera to USB on your computer, Windows system prompt to find hardware and automatic install the corresponding driver successful.

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