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    PicturesToExe, resim dosyalarınızı belirli bir düzene koyabileceğiniz başarılı bir program.

    PicturesToExe`nin Özellikleri:

    Bilinen resim formatlarını destekler (JPEG, GIF ve BMP vb.)
    Elinizde bulunan resimlerden bir albüm oluşturabilirsiniz
    Elinizde bulunan resimlerden (SCR) ekran koruyucu yaratabilirsiniz
    Bir çok efekt desteği bulunmaktadır
    Oluşturduğunuz albümlere ya da ekran koruyuculara müzik ekleyebilirsiniz
    Bilinen müzik formatlarını destekler (MP3, OGG, WMA ve WAV vb..)
    Oluşturduğunuz albümleri ya da ekran koruyucularını e-mail ile gönderebilirsiniz
    Slayt gösterileri düzenleyebilirsiniz, 100`den fazla farklı slayt deteği bulunmaktadır
    18 farklı dil desteği bulunmaktadır.
    F3,F4 basarak slayt gösterileri düzenlemek hakkında yardım alabilirsiniz.

    Özellikleri ile diğer resim editörlerine rakip olacak kadar güçlü bir program fakat tek zayıf yönü kullanım kısıtlamalı olmasıdır.

    Anahtarlar:picturesToExe indir,PicturesToExe download,PicturesToExe indir,PicturesToExe çek,PicturesToExe,PicturesToExe mp3,PicturesToExe şarkı sözü,PicturesToExe film indir,PicturesToExe film,PicturesToExe açıklama,PicturesToExe bul,PicturesToExe video PicturesToExe creates slide show in stand-alone EXE file. Using a clean-looking, intuitive interface, you select pictures from any combination of folders on your system. Then press the Create button. In just moments, you've produced an .exe file that, when run, displays the images with the options you've selected. Options let you specify automatic or manual sequencing, pick the timer interval, adjust font and background properties, and decide whether you want the sequence to run once and terminate or to repeat continuously. You can also add a MIDI, or MP3-based soundtrack and associate each picture with a .wav file. PicturesToExe is a nice way to share your favorite images with others in a compact, easy-to-email form. Ability to create AVI video file.

    Main slideshow software features:
    * Create presentation (in stand-alone EXE file)
    * Optimization for re-iterative files
    * Object system (each slide can contain buttons, hyperlinks, labels, sub-pictures)
    * Ability to produce AVI video file.
    * Supports for multiple pictures
    * Supports for slide show
    * Supports for sound comments (.wav, .mp3, .wma, .ogg)
    * Supports for background music (.mp3, .wav, .mid, .wma, .ogg)
    * Supports for background image (.bmp, .jpg)
    * Possibility to add description for each picture
    * Transition effects
    * Quick preview of slide
    * Easy-to-use visual editor of objects
    * Can create Screen Savers
    * Can save/open projects
    * Exact synchronization of slides and background music (with customizable time-line)
    * Preview button
    * Making simple presentations with point-and-click interface
    * Easy solution for creating greeting cards
    * Customizable settings
    * Easy-to-use picture explorer
    * Support for English, Russian, Netherlands, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian, German, Catalan, Spanish, Swedish, French, Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak languages
    * Works under Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP
    * Tested and optimized for Windows 2000
    * Optimized for Windows 98/Me
    * Year2K-compatible

    New in v5:
    + New Visual editor where you can add Pan/Zoom/Rotate effect.
    See “Objects and Animation” button (Ctrl+B) on the main window.
    > Added “Drop Shadow and Glow” option for objects (see Objects and Animation window).
    > Added “Diagonal” style for Rectangle objects.
    > Added alpha parameter to color of Rectangle objects. You can set alpha 255 for one side and 0 for another side and make partially semi-transparent rectangle.
    > Added “Perspective correction for Zoom” option for objects. See “Objects and animation” window.
    With this option enabled we simulate true movement of a camera to an object.
    > You can adjust any non-linear speed for Pan/Zoom/Rotate effects for objects.
    + Added Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y) features.
    See Main menu | Project | Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y).
    + Transition effects:
    + All transition effects work much more smooth with new graphical engine, especially “Curling of page”
    + You can change center of appearance for “Circle” effect.
    + Improved Navigation bar.
    > New Navigation bar themes.
    > Fade in/out effects.
    > New parameters.
    > Added support of skins. You can add any images of buttons and background, Navigation bar can be semi-transparent and has a shadow. See folder “NavBar” in PicturesToExe's folder. Just add new folder to create new style of Navigation bar.
    + Added tree of folders to main window. See Main Menu | View | Show tree (Ctrl+G)
    + Added support of PNG images files (including PNG with partial semi-transparency).
    + You can quickly remove slide(s) from Slide list simply dragging them back to File list.
    + You can quickly press Enter to show “Customize slide” window for selected slide(s).
    + Main image of a slide can be transparent GIF or transparent PNG now.
    + Added new function to Main menu | File. “Create backup in ZIP” which compress all files of your project into one ZIP archive. It can be useful for moving project to another PC.
    + Vastly improved speed of work of PicturesToExe's main window. Instant response now. Especially when you work with 1000 or more slides in the Slide list.
    + Added new style of background image of a slide: “Fit to screen”.
    + New view of color dialog.
    + Added option “Keep slide aspect ratio” (1,3333 by default) to correctly draw slide
    + Added “Scale keypoints in objects (on time change)” option in properties of a slide, “Main” tab.
    This option useful if you have complex animation (with several keypoints) and you need to change slide time from 4 seconds to 12 seconds, for example.
    + AVI video output window:
    + Added “Anti-flicker filter” which is turned on by default.
    + Added “HD-1080” mode. If you slideshow has 4:3 aspect ratio it produces 1440x1080, if 16:9 then 1920x1080
    + Added “HD-720 progressive, 50/60 frames” mode.
    + Fully rewritten music player and improved quality of sound.
    + Vastly improved quality of video output (AVI, DVD and HDTV).
    + Ability to insert comment or description from EXIF info of JPEG images.
    See Project options | Comments tab | “Set comments for all slides as” | “Display EXIF”. on various displays (usual 4:3 and wide screen). See Project options | Screen tab.
    + Added compatibility of main interface of PicturesToExe with Large font (120 dpi) mode of Windows.
    + Main interface of PicturesToExe supports “Clear type” font mode of Windows XP.
    + Various improvements in File list in the main window.
    + You can customize double click in the Slide list: show Slide window or Objects and animation window. See main menu | View | Advanced options.
    + Enlarged size of preview area in “Customize synchronization” window.
    + Added text macros.
    + New “About PicturesToExe” window.
    + New Welcome Screen.
    + Added “Loop this slide”, “Pause at the end of this slide”, “No actions after this slide” options in properties of a slide, “Main” tab. + New drive bar (in main window).
    + You can create screensaver from any EXE file with slide show which created in v5.00 or later. Just rename SlideShow.exe to SlideShow.scr
    + New drive bar (in main window).
    + Added “Pause when window of slide show becomes inactive” option (Project options | Main tab).
    + Added global option “Allow modification of EXE file with slide show” (Main menu | View | Advanced). This option disabled (by default) and if EXE file with slide show damaged or infected, it will warn that slide show damaged and will not run. When this option enabled, you can use EXE packer/crypors to pack or additionally protect EXE file.
    + Added compatibility of main application of PicturesToExe with Windows Vista.
    + Added compatibility of main application of PicturesToExe with restricted user accounts in Windows.
    + Improved installer (allows to choose folder where to store settings and templates).

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