PCDJ VJ v5.1

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    PCDJ VJ v5.1 konusu
    PCDJ VJ v5.1

    Müziklerinizi düzenleyebileceginiz profesyonel bir DJ programıdır
    NEW Karaoke Singer Rotation List
    Must install latest Microsoft DirectX for Karaoke list to work.
    Now with AutoPlay!
    Mix Video, Audio, and Karaoke files
    Clip Bank for instant load and playback of visualizations
    BPM calculation engine works with all types of music
    Automatic beat mix tracks
    Seamless smart looping
    Beat locked video and audio effects
    Instant search for tracks
    Media-case will automatically sort media types
    Set infinite cue points per track
    Headphone cueing with I/O soundcard support
    Many video effects and transitions to choose from
    Send out the video, karaoke, and scrolling text to a second display
    Live camera feed – mix live video right from the dance floor
    Master tempo and pitch control
    Realistic Scratching with mouse, midi control, time-code, or DAC-3
    Supported Formats:
    Audio Formats:
    CD Playback, MP3, MP3Pro, MP4, M4A, WAV, AIFF, CDA, WMA, ASF, OGG, and iTunes ACC (non-DRM)
    Video and Karaoke formats:
    DVD, VOB, DIVX, MPG (1,2,4), AVI, WMV, and Karaoke (CDG – MP3+G)

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