Novaspace - NightFlight

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    Verse 1

    Dark is the night frightful silence around
    Only the moonlight shining there's not a sound
    I'm not afraid 'cause you're here by my side
    Nightflight You'll be my shelter and hold me so tight


    Songtexte I have every trust in you
    There is nothing I won't do


    Oh take me on a nightflight nightflight nightflight

    The others fall asleep
    Lyrics and we fly away

    Oh take me on a nightflight nightflight nightflight
    We fly through the night
    'Til we meet the day

    Verse 2

    Liedertexte Up and away oh baby right in the night
    Never been flying so high as a kite

    This night I'm havin' the time of my life
    It's so exciting we're higher than high

    I won't need no sleep tonight
    Never stop it feels so right

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