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    Say Goodbye - Say Goodbye lyrics - Say Goodbye şarkı sözleri

    This Song goes out to all the man in the world who don't know how to treat a lady!

    Who's sorry now
    You'd better learn how to say goodbye
    See you later
    Now its over
    All changes gone
    You'd better move on and try to find
    Another love, it's time to say goodbye.

    [Verse 1]
    What is wrong with you, why you acting like a fool
    You don't need to hide, all the things you keep inside
    Cause now I know
    Baby I was right, you were playing with my mind
    And I already know
    So now its time to go
    Who's sorry now…

    [Verse 2]
    All the time I thought, boy I messed it up
    Cause you tried to blame me for, not trusting you nomore
    But now I see
    All the time you lied, all the tears that I have cried
    While you where having fun, cause I was not your only one
    Who's sorry now…

    [Mid 8]
    Now I wanna let you know
    I don't need you anymore
    Cause don't need your lies, now pay the price for tearing up my heart
    I don't need your poor excuse, baby this time you will lose
    Cause now I'm strong to carry on, without you by my side

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