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    Lovestory - Lovestory lyrics - Lovestory şarkı sözleri

    So you said you're gonna give it all,that you would never ever hold back on me.
    But I've been feeling kind of all alone.
    Did you forget about our lovestory?
    It said: Boy meets girl and falls in a never ending kind of love.
    And it seemed like they couldn't be around each other enough.

    But then in chapter three,something happened to the lovestory.
    And everything seemed out of place, afraid the past would be erased.
    Couldn't find their place to go.
    Got lost and didn't know,that she could trust him with her heart
    That she could trust,they'd never part.

    Come on boy,don't you see
    There's no place I'd rather be.
    Look in my eyes,you know that I'm right
    This is our lovestory!
    Just have faith.
    Believe, you know I'll always be
    Here by your side,making it right.
    This is our lovestory!

    Now don't be thinking it's a waste of time,when every little thing don't go your way.
    The world don't stop inside.Gotta make it strong every day.
    'Cause the only thing that's gonna last
    The only thing that's worth the wait is keeping it real when you're all fed up.
    Boy,you know what I wanna say.

    Don't nobody want no pain,even though sometimes it comes your way?
    But the truth is
    If you give respect,I'll make sure that you'Re gonna get it back.
    And if it hurts like hell inside and you need a place to hide.
    Then come to me,come to me.
    We will survive!


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