NBA Pro Basketball 2009

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    NBA Pro Basketball 2009 konusu
    NBA Pro Basketball 2009 |JAVA |128x160 176x208 176x220 240x320 |1.90MB
    100% official NBA content: actual teams, real players, real stats, official cheerleaders. Lets in all the All-star week-end contests: from the slam dunk contest to the Skills challenge. Set up date eligible with the NBA pre-season, when fans are eager to start the new season and play with the new roasters. Gameplay superior to NBA proprietary competitors, matching gameloft's tradition of superiority U.S. sports games

    - Complete the NBA players
    - Deep management features: Edit your roster, choose your favorite strategies and tactics.
    - Full eighty-two games season mode + playoffs
    - Four additional all-star challenges to show your skills:
    - Advanced stats tracking system
    - Home & Away Jerseys
    - Updated Roasters for the 2008-2009 season

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