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    Moorhuhn: Juwel der Finsternis Download İndir konusu
    Moorhuhn: Juwel der Finsternis | Size : 15 Mb

    Through close passes and stuffy, the dead air by means of a red cylinder of flight lays Morhuhn the way through continuously becoming more and more difficult labyrinths and struggles against stupid and inconsiderate guards. Thus he should observe, that not considered shift of a rock not to close to itself access to jewels or even pass on the following level.

    Screnshot :#1; #2

    System requirements:
    - ОC Windows 98Se/Me/2000/Xp
    - Pentium III 700 MHz
    - 512 Mb of memory
    - 3D-accelerator about 32 Mb of memory
    - 250 Mb on the winchester

    Year of release: 2007
    Genre: Arcade
    Developer: Phenomedia Publishing
    Publishing house: Phenomedia Publishing
    Platform: PC
    Edition Type: licence
    Language: German
    Size: 15 MB


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    Ayıp be hani morrhuhn
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    link yenilendi indirebilirsin
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