MASPware GPSmeter v5.0.3263

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    MASPware GPSmeter v5.0.3263 konusu MASPware GPSmeter v5.0.3263

    MASPware GPSmeter v5.0.3263 | PPC | 1747 KB

    Turn your Pocket PC into a precision measurement machine using a GPS receiver.
    MASPware GPSmeter is an All-in-one solution for creating and analysing GPS routes and measurements for cardriver, pilots, bikers, runners, wanderers, golfers, sailors and for all who like playing around with GPS technology!
    From tracking your running- or biking training or measuring the track to work to playing with modern geo-caching. No problem with MASPware GPSmeter.​

    Precision depends on the GPS receiver you use. MASPware GPSmeter improves accuracy by calculating averages of position datasets. Furthermore, MASPware GPSmeter uses a High-Precision-Algorithm to evaluate precision values of the GPS receiver (Dilution of precision values).

    So MASPware GPSmeter only uses high precision dataset values. Additionaly, you can use expert precision settings, to enforce needed precision!

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