MahJong Suite 2008 v5.0

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    MahJong Suite 2008 v5.0 konusu MahJong Suite 2008 v5.0

    In MahJong Suite 2008, you play mah-jongg-type solitaire games with classical mah-jongg tile sets and millions of possible combinations. You also can play matching-type games with funny tile sets. Create an unlimited number of players so you can challenge your friends to beat one another's high-score, games-won, and score statistics. The built-in layout editor lets you change the layout of any game or create your own. You can customizelevels of undo or redo, and the toolbar. You also can select from various predefined tile sets and dozens of backgrounds.

    Version 2008 has a new toolbar with larger buttons. Now you can add a picture for a player: boy, girl, man, woman... The Open a game dialog box has been redesigned and can be now resized by the user. Version 5.0 includes 5 new layouts: Candy, Coffee Cup, Honeycomb, Magician's Hat, Turtle and 2 new tile set: Amazing Places. the tile type, background, animation, sound, pointers,
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