Magic Farm v1.023

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    Magic Farm v1.023 konusu Magic Farm v1.023



    Rengarenk bir çiftlik oyunu. Genç kıza anne babasını zalim yerlilerden kurtarması için yardım edin. Yeni korsanlarınızla ve vejetaryen yamyamlarla heyecan verici yolculuklar yapın. Seyahat ederken güzel egzotik bitkiler yetiştirin, onları farklı haşere ve yaratıklardan koruyun.

    Not:Eklenen yeni bölümleri ile daha çok zevk alacağınıza eminim....

    Involving, colorful Arcade game. Help a young lady to save her parents from the hands of cruel aborigines. Make exciting voyages with your new pirates and vegetarian cannibals friends. While you are traveling, grow beautiful exotic plants and protect them from different funny and sly insects and creatures.

    During the game you get an opportunity to work on some farms which you purchase. Grow different flowers and fruits. You must water them and protect from beetles, snails and bees that are always ready to taste the fruits of your labour. Sell flowers separately or make up beautiful bouquets and sell them making money for your trips. Bouquets will cost much more money then separate flowers. So it’s all up to you. And it will depend on your business skills, for what time you’ll reach and save your beloved parents.

    Game features:
    • Deep involving story.
    • Get help from a cute dragon.
    • Save your beloved parents.

    • New exams for Hilo Island.
    • Challnge converted to Exams for Port Arrowhead.
    • After exam money and farm state restoring now.
    • Fixed exams2 and exams3.
    • Added exams4.
    • Bugs fixed.

    System requirements:
    • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
    • DirectX 7
    • 600 MHz
    • 128 MB RAM

    Resolution: 800x600 Fullscreen/Windowed

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