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    Table of Contents1. Introduction1.1. Notes on binary-only drivers1.2. Notes on proprietary drivers1.3. System architectures1.4. Related sources of information1.5. Known problems with this document1.6. New versions of this document1.7. Feedback and corrections1.8. Acknowledgments1.9. Revision History2. Computers/Motherboards/BIOS2.1. Specific system/motherboard/BIOS2.2. Unsupported3. Laptops3.1. Specific laptops3.2. PCMCIA4. CPU/FPU4.1. Intel4.2. AMD4.3. Cyrix4.4. IDT4.5. Transmeta4.6. Misc. notes5. Memory6. Video cards6.1. XFree866.2. Proprietary X servers6.3. Kernel Framebuffer (fbdev)6.4. SVGALIB (graphics for console)7. Controllers (hard drive)7.1. Alpha, Beta drivers8. Controllers (SCSI)8.1. Supported8.2. Alpha, Beta drivers8.3. Unsupported9. SCSI RAID Controllers10. IDE RAID Controllers11. Controllers (I/O)12. Controllers (multiport)12.1. Non-intelligent cards12.2. Intelligent cards13. Network adapters13.1. Supported13.2. Alpha, Beta drivers13.3. Unsupported14. Sound cards14.1. Supported14.2. Alpha, Beta drivers14.3. Unsupported15. Hard drives15.1. Unsupported16. Tape drives16.1. Supported16.2. Alpha, Beta drivers16.3. Unsupported17. CD-ROM drives17.1. Supported17.2. Alpha, Beta drivers17.3. Notes18. CD-Writers19. DVD drives20. Removable drives21. Mice21.1. Supported21.2. Alpha, Beta drivers21.3. Notes22. Modems23. Printers/Plotters23.1. Ghostscript24. Scanners24.1. Supported24.2. Alpha, Beta drivers24.3. Unsupported25. USB25.1. Digital Cameras25.2. Miscellaneous26. IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.Link)27. PCMCIA/Cardbus cards28. Other hardware28.1. Amateur Radio28.2. VESA Power Savings Protocol (DPMS) monitors28.3. Touch screens28.4. Terminals on ****** port28.5. Joysticks28.6. Video devices (capture boards, frame grabbers, TV tuners, etc.)28.7. Digital Camera28.8. UPS28.9. Multifunction boards28.10. Data acquisition28.11. Watchdog timer interfaces28.12. Miscellaneous29. Appendix A. Supported Parallel Port devices29.1. Ethernet29.2. Hard drives29.3. Tape drives29.4. CD-ROM drives29.5. Removable drives29.6. IDE Adapter29.7. SCSI Adapters29.8. Digital Camera29.9. PCMCIA parallel port cards30. Appendix B. Linux incompatible Hardware31. GlossaryKaynakinux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

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