Limbonic Art - Seven Doors Of Death

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    Limbonic Art - Seven Doors Of Death konusu
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    Woe be unto him who ventures near
    Without knowledge
    Ultra violent scenarios
    Anguish crying
    Images from the beyond
    Nightmares never dying

    Within the realm of desperation
    Seeking lexis of illumination
    Psychological terror permanent psychosis
    A sculpture in the land of decay
    Woe be unto him who opens
    The seven dreaded gateways

    Asylum of neurotic minds
    Devour all consciousness
    Insanity is there to find
    Dominion of darkness

    Restless days and sleepless nights
    Drawn in the direction of the moon
    Infernal magnet to mysterious destiny
    Beyond the grave of doom

    Walk and dream amongst the dead
    Anger and pain resurrected
    Necropolis manifestation
    Supernatural obsession
    Phantasmagorical state of mind
    Trapped in another dimension of time
    In a paradise lost
    Endless horizon of wilderness and holocaust

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