Limbonic Art - Infernal Phantom Kingdom

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    Limbonic Art - Infernal Phantom Kingdom konusu
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    A grim darkened spirit
    In a world of woe
    Imprisoned evil beauty
    From the cold depths below
    Linger in perpetual dream state
    In the grip of a powerful rage

    Summon the oblivion
    Hear demons call from the dungeon
    Light has forever abandoned this land
    Life has forsaken this souls
    Reaching out from the cold
    A dark and hellish void
    Beyond the entrance of imagination

    Infernal phantom kingdom

    After years of dormancy
    In a cosmic mausoleum
    Arcane cemetery
    The soil is cursed and sour
    A rotten landscape draped in horror
    Evil has a way of returning
    You can not hide from hell's eye
    It is always burning
    A way of returning

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