Limbonic Art - In Embers Of Infernal Greed

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    Limbonic Art - In Embers Of Infernal Greed konusu
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    By dawn's early light
    I see no end to the
    Dark obsession
    I am swallowed by night's
    Infernal dream profession
    O' sea of fire all hatred's desire
    Thy abhorrent cremation
    Sparks in my eyes
    Forces generates from
    The bottomless pits
    of detestation

    Under the delusion of hatred
    The becoming of a
    malignant tormentor
    In a spell of
    Symptomatic madness
    I identify with aggressor
    This world will become
    Infernal land
    A violation of harmony
    As I kill with a psychic command
    Destruction let all pain fly free

    The metamorphosis
    From man to beast

    In the darkened
    Network of the mastermind
    Evil is blooming in the shades of divine
    For within every seed
    There is a promise
    Of abomination
    In my heart's enigma
    Man is an anathema

    I am a resistance fighter
    Not by choice but by destiny
    Evil is a pure exciter
    When I dwell in embers
    Of infernal greed

    Fire of blasphemy
    Evil against all energy

    I rise from the darkened soil
    With a craving to ingest
    Where moonlight ever
    Shall infest

    In my heart's enigma
    Man is an anathema
    In embers of infernal greed
    The yawning abyss of madness

    Again I drift the halls
    Of wondering
    The black castle of solitude
    On the very edge of sanity
    In mental cryogenic interludes

    I have slipped into the seventh circle of hell
    In realms where deadly shadows infest every cell
    Internal ceremonies
    In ritual death!!
    External bleedings for the demon of madness
    Hide from the torture of the dazzling light
    The demolition voice shall speak tonight

    While I'm staring down into the darkest pit
    An ocean black as the night
    So infinite deep and consuming
    It swallows all life force with might

    Again I drift the halls
    Of wondering
    As I focus for the
    Darkness to come
    In anguish minds uplift
    The conquering
    To cross the line of death beyond

    Internal ceremonies
    In ritual death
    External bleedings for
    The demon of madness

    An abstract reality and
    Bottomless insanity
    To search for the
    Powers to please
    The subconscious spirit
    Of disease
    Time found no remedy
    Cause winds of darkness
    Was stealing me

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