Limbonic Art - Eve Of Midnight

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    Join in for a dance with the dead
    A ceremonial requiem for the gods
    When the moon is drained by all its light
    On burial ground we gather in the night

    Burning candles incantations
    Witches sabbath with unholy craft
    Screams and laughter pierce the art
    Like a haunting chant through the atmosphere

    The dance is held to the end
    When the shades of darkness transcend
    Beside the ancient lake beneath the spelling moon
    Across the fields of hallowed tombs

    Join us walk among us
    Mysticus Magus Manifesto Spectaculum Mortuus Exercilor

    We are they who adore the vast midnight skies
    Where stars they shines like serpent eyes
    We'll free thy soul from its chain
    Arrive with thunderstorms and rain
    From the darkest abyss graveland unfolds
    Oh hear the distant echoes call
    The eve of midnight a host supreme
    Open thy world unseen

    Eve of midnight

    He who holds the book of sights
    Shall be the ruler of the night

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