Limbonic Art - A Misanthrophic Spectrum

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    Gloria Sathanas

    The undivinew deceptor
    Enemy of all holiness
    The eminent destructor
    Brings life into misery and death

    The magic sights of thy third eye
    Triumphant wargod rising tall
    Sparkling rain falls from the sky
    When thunder`s blasying heavens wall

    Gloria Sathanas

    From four pains in the horizon
    A circle`s drawn in fire
    By sword I kneel in union
    Within my burning empire

    A mind sincerity
    And obedience to the sources of its nature
    A heart in crulety
    Reaches out for evil in the obscure

    To be crowned as a legion of darkness
    I`m weaving a spell of black energy
    In aspects of might to obliterate
    Breeding the wrath into plain hate

    In apocalyptic rage
    I curse time and age
    Humans bleed for me
    Coronation of dark victory

    Gloria Sathanas

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