Limbonic Art - A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories

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    Limbonic Art - A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories konusu
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    This is the genesis of a traumatic voyage
    As you fall into a deep sleep
    Beyond the point of no return

    Once you have looked into the abysmal darkness
    You carry it with you as a legacy for the rest of your life
    The sky is a lonely place an endless consuming space
    Embrace the silent waves of cosmos
    As the astral ocean rise in high tide

    A magic flame inside of me
    Burns with lust and desire
    I watch the dying sun
    As it fades into the horizon of crimson fire
    The paranormal darkness is now descending
    Invasion of my mind heart and soul
    As reality shatters around me
    I feel the changing the metamorphosis

    The night belongs to the predator
    To the one who dares crossing the threshold
    The axis of dreams and wonders and black miracles
    I see my self in the mirror of your eyes
    A dark star on the celestial beautiful midnight sky
    Release the inner radiance of what you have become
    Brighten the night with your sacrifice

    I have returned to life to speak of clairvoyance
    I am the voice from the grave land of memories
    Life can be only an illusion and death a temptation
    A final destiny

    A cosmic funeral of memories

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