Karikatür Yapmak İçin Mükemmel Program(Caricature Photos v4.0.0 Download İndir

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    Karikatür Yapmak İçin Mükemmel Program(Caricature Photos v4.0.0 Download İndir konusu Karikatür Yapmak İçin Mükemmel Program(Caricature Photos v4.0.0 Download İndir

    [​IMG]Tanıtım:Caricature PhotoS, dijital resimleri artistik çizimlere çevirir. Bir fotograf açın, butona basın ve anında bir karikatürist olun. Bir sanat eserinden ayırdedilmesi imkansız çizimler oluşturun. Çizim hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı.
    [​IMG]Have you ever thought of what would you draw if you were an artist? Your house, your dog, the mountains on the horizon? Your friend? With PhotoS you can draw anything you see. You need to try to believe.
    PhotoS converts digital photos into artistic line drawings. Just load a photo, click the button, and you are an author of a fine line drawing, often indistinguishable from an artist work. Drawing never been so easy!

    Make a portrait of your friend with a click of a button. Illustrate your book or your paper, make cartoons and caricatures, make a picture of your pet. Nobody will believe this is a computer-generated art. And you don’t have to tell!
    Download PhotoS now and you will be able to draw whatever you can photograph. Don’t have a digital photo? Just browse the web. There are tons of free downloadable photos around.
    PhotoS is a handy tool both for artists and those who don’t know how to draw. Line art will enhance your photo album and make your website unique. PhotoS is especially useful for webmasters. Line drawings can be compressed to smaller files, made transparent, and fit well with any background.
    Useful if you want to impress people with your drawings too!
    PhotoS is easy to use, it draws by itself. See the gallery for example drawings.


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