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    iPhone zil sesleri indir konusu

    An excellent collection of high-quality sounds and ringtones for iPhone. In this collection of music and sounds in the style of Classic Rings And More, and Design Series.

    Genre: OSR | Year: 2009 | Number: 26 | Format: m4r-mp3 | Quality: 192 kbps-128kbps | Size: 11 MB-m4r,11MB-mp3

    Tracklist:Classic Rings And More

    Bell Ring
    Broken Robot
    Central Office Ring
    Deep Gurgle
    Double Ring
    Fast Bell
    Future Connect
    Lobby Ring
    [FONT=&quot]New Wave[/FONT] Ring
    Party Phone Ring
    Quick Bell
    Receptionist Ring
    Telethon Ring
    Urgent Bells
    Urgent Message

    Tracklist[​IMG]esign Series

    Just Vibes
    Latte Going On
    Loft Nine
    Lounge Vibes
    Mo Cowbell
    New Old Jeans
    Your Place

    For your convenience, made 2 format:

    For owners of the format M4r Iphone
    Download Rapidshare.com

    For owners for other mobile devices, Mp3 format
    Download Rapidshare.com


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