Informatik - Innocence And Blood

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    Force fed lobotomy
    Cultural sodomy
    Erase your memory
    In case you need some help to forget
    Commence the brainwashing
    First stage of the terror regime
    You scream it's not a dream
    Soon you'll wish that you were dead

    You'll wish you were dead

    Are you joking
    Tell me something
    Can't you see
    It's not your country

    Helpless majority
    Ruthless minority
    Deprive humanity
    Of the means by which to subsist
    Third world economy
    Human commodities
    Stripped of their sanctity
    Alive but with no right to exist

    No right to exist

    Open your eyes
    See the world
    So terrifying
    Now you know
    Innocence and blood

    Everyday we lose a freedom
    One by one we did not need them
    Nothing ever lasts forever
    When will people learn this never

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