History of Nusaybin - Nusaybin Tarihi İngilizce Tanıtımı

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    History of Nusaybin - Nusaybin Tarihi İngilizce Tanıtımı konusu
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    History of Nusaybin - Nusaybin Tarihi İngilizce Tanıtımı

    History of Nusaybin : Nusaybin is on E-90 highway on border of Syria between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers at northern “Mezopotamia”. The town was build in B.C 4500 by Subaru’s. The Sumerian king Lugazakis named the town as “Nırbo” and rebuild it on the west of Çağ-Çağ river. Nusaybin remained as the biggest and most important city at northern Mezopotamia in the history.

    From the day it was build until the Sümer empire was destroyed (B.C 2850 ), Nusaybin was governed by the Sümer Empire. Between B.C 2850-2300 by Akads, between B.C 2300 -2060 by Akad-Sümer Empire, between B.C 2060-1800 the Babylons, between B.C 1800-1305 by Hurri- Mitannis, Between B.C 1305 -715 by Asur’s, between B.C 612 – 330 by Med-Pers Empire, between B.C 330 - 130 by Selefkus, between B.C 130 – A.C 50 by Apgar kingdom and until A.C 637 the town wan governed by Roman’s and Sassanis. In A.C 637 Nusaybin was Canqueted by the Islamic Army and governed by Emevis, Abbasis, Mervanis, Eyyübis, Selçuks, in A.C 1258 Hulagu sultan, karakoyuns, Artıkoğulları, and Akkoyuns. In A.C 1516 Ottoman Empire Conquted Nusaybin. The name of Nusaybin when builded is not known today but we know that Sumerians called the town “Nirbo”.

    The town was called “Aramis or Nisibis” by Babilons, “Nabila, Kenge, Nas-ü-bina” by Hurri- Mitannis, “Antimosia” by Romans, “Nasıbina- Sarbo” by Syriacs, “Ahvas” by Sasanis, “Nasibeyn” by Arabs,“Nısebin” by ottomans and “Nusaybin” by Rebublic of Turkey.

    As it is seen, Nusaybin is called by similar names for about 7000 years. During it’s history, the town witnessed many important events. With the Romans, Nusaybin became the capital of Mygdonya state and had its best time in history between B.C 130 and A.C 637. By the expandation of the christian religion, a university was established in Nusaybin. According to the records we have, 2000 students studied at this university. The university had it’s best time when Mor Yakup and Mor Efram were presidents. Regulations of the university had 26 rules which we have it today.

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