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    sample dialogue at the airport - uçakta ingilizce diyalog - sample english dialogue

    The customer is making reservation for air travel followed by check-in with security checks, custom checking and finally boarding the flight. The flight attendants also give the safety instructions.

    Attendant: ABC Airlines, Good morning. How may I help you?

    Customer: Good Morning. I want to book a flight to California. What all flights do you have till Monday?

    Attendant: Just a moment, please. Yes, we do have three flights. There is one flight in the morning at 8:15, the second one in the evening at 6:15 and the third one at 10:30 night.

    Customer: Ok. Actually I am planning for a return trip. So I would like to know the total tariff for a return flight.

    Attendant: Yes sure, Madam. May I know your preference-business class, or economy?

    Customer: I would like to go for economy, please.

    Attendant: It is $456, Madam.

    Customer: Does it include the airport tax and all other government taxes and surcharges?

    Attendant: Yes, Madam. It includes every tax and surcharge. When are you planning to return, Madam?

    Customer: Well it will be around 4 weeks from now.

    Attendant: Oh! Ok. Actually we currently have an offer where a return flight within 7 days will cost you just 50% of the actual charges.

    Customer: Err… but that won’t work for me as I have a long stay.

    Attendant: Yes Madam, it won’t.

    Customer: Is there any offer pertaining to my requirement?

    Attendant: I am afraid, Madam currently we do not have any offers for your requirement.

    Customer: It is alright.

    Attendant: So would you like me to move forward with the reservation?

    Customer: Yes, please.

    Attendant: Which flight would you like to take, Madam? May I repeat the timings for you?

    Customer: Yes, please.

    Attendant: One flight is in the morning at 8:15. The second one is at 6:15 in the evening, Madam and the third one is in the night at 10:30. Which one would you prefer, Madam?

    Customer: 8:15 in the morning. Please.

    Attendant: Certainly, Madam. May I have your name, please?

    Customer: Yes, it is Martha Williams. M-A-R-T-H-A W-I-L-L-I-A-M-S.

    Attendant: Thank you Ms Williams. Please provide me your contact number.

    Customer: Yes it is +91-34526857.

    Attendant: Ok. And your address details, please?

    Customer: Yes, sure. #4325, Adonis street, Highland.

    Attendant: Thank you, Madam. May I know the date you would like to board the flight on?

    Customer: Yes, it is tomorrow i.e. 11th.

    Attendant: Please, let me check the availability. Yes, we can move ahead. And when would you like to return back, Madam?

    Customer: It will be on 2nd of next month.

    Attendant: Certainly, Madam. Which returning flight would you prefer? We have a flight from California at 11:00 in the morning and another one at 5:50 in the evening.

    Customer: For returning flight, book me for 5:50 in the evening.

    Attendant: Yes sure, Madam. How would you like to pay Ms Williams?

    Customer: I will pay by credit card.

    Attendant: May I have your credit card, please?

    Customer: Yes sure. Here it is.

    Attendant: Thank you, Madam. Please sign the receipt.

    Customer: Ok.

    Attendant: Thank you, Madam. You flight is now booked for 11th September at 8: 15 in the morning. The flight number is NWER12 and the flight will arrive in California at 12:00 PM local time. You have also been booked for a returning flight for 2nd October at 5: 50 in the evening. The flight number and the details will be confirmed to you two days before the flight at your contact number. Please make sure to report for the check-in at least two hours before the departure.

    Customer: Alright. Thank you. I assume I can collect the ticket tomorrow.

    Attendant: Yes Madam. You sure can. Please visit the counter just at the entrance for collecting your ticket.

    Customer: Ok. Thank you.

    Attendant: Have a good day, Madam.

    Customer: Thank you.

    (Customer arrives for collecting the ticket and then check in the next day.)

    Customer: Hello, I want to collect my ticket.

    Attendant: Yes sure, Madam. May I know your name, please?

    Customer: It is Martha Williams.

    Attendant: Your destination, Madam?

    Customer: California.

    Attendant: May I see your ID proof, please?

    Customer: Yes, sure. Here it is.

    Attendant: Thank you, Madam. Here is your ticket. Please approach Counter 2 for check in.

    Customer: Thank you.

    (Customer arrives at the check in counter)

    Attendant: Hello. May I see your passport and ticket, please?

    Customer: Yes sure. Here they are.

    Attendant: Ms Williams, Do you have any luggage to check-in?

    Customer: Yes. Here is the suitcase I want to check-in.

    Attendant: Please, let me put this on the weighing scale?

    Customer: Yes sure.

    Attendant: Your luggage is 3 kgs over the limit, Madam. You will either have to move some of the belongings to any other luggage or you will have to pay $100 extra, Madam.

    Customer: No problem. Can I pay by credit card?

    Attendant: Yes, sure.

    Customer: Here is the credit card.

    Attendant: Please sign the receipt.

    Customer: Ok.

    Attendant: Thank you. Is there anything else you want to check-in?

    Customer: I am also carrying this handbag. Can I take this handbag inside the plane as hand luggage?

    Attendant: Please let me weight it first.

    Customer: Yes, sure.

    Attendant: Yes, Madam. You can take this bag as hand luggage.

    Customer: Here is your boarding pass. Please tag your belongings for security check. The security check is right there at the corner. Have a nice flight.

    Attendant: Thank you.

    Customer: Thank you.

    (The customer approaches for customs and security check.)

    Attendant: Hello. Do you have anything to declare, Madam?

    Customer: Yes, I am carrying jewelry worth $10,000.

    Attendant: Is there anything else, Madam?

    Customer: No, nothing else.

    Attendant: Can you open your bag, please?

    Customer: Yes sure. Is there some problem?

    Attendant: No Madam. But you cannot carry food and water bottle with you in the flight.

    Customer: Oh! I was not aware of this. You can keep it.

    Attendant: Thank you for cooperation, Madam. Enjoy your flight.

    (Now customer is boarding the flight.)

    Attendant: Good Morning Madam.

    Customer: Good Morning. Can you please help me find my seat?

    Attendant: Yes, certainly. May I have your boarding pass, please?

    Customer: Yes sure.

    Attendant: Your seat is B23. It is right two lanes behind the spot we are standing at. Let me take you there.

    Customer: Thank you.

    Attendant: Let me help you with your hand luggage.

    Customer: Thank you.

    (Someone else is sitting on the customer’s seat. So customer asks the air hostess to intervene.)

    Customer: I think someone else is sitting at my seat.

    Attendant: Let me check, Madam. (asking the passenger )Sir, May I see your boarding pass?

    Customer: Yes, sure.

    Attendant: I am sorry, Sir. But your seat number is B28. This seat is B23.

    Customer: Oh! Ok. Sorry.

    Attendant: Thank you. Please be seated Madam. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Customer: No, problem.


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