Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

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    Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince konusu Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince


    Company EA Mobile has let out a new part of popular adventure Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    The magic ministry comes off second-best behind defeat in fights about the Flounce-de-mortom Even маглы suffer from the second war — every day there are the accidents which reasons for anybody are unknown But also in the war the life proceeds Harrys, Ron and Germiona, as well as all sixteen-year, study, go on parties and fall in love However danger all is closer Despite all efforts of Dambldora on school protection, in Hogvartse there are very strange events
    The memory whirlpool will reveal this time Harry the greatest secret of the Dark Lord and to win, Harry is compelled to offer the most expensive … What party in this war of signs the mysterious Prince-half-blooded?



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