Good Charlotte - Change (Change Şarkı Sözü)

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  1. Good Charlotte - Change (Change Şarkı Sözü) konusu
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    I am lost in the see-thru,I think you lost yourself too,
    Throughout all of this confusion, I hope I somehow get to you,
    I practiced all the things Id say,To tell you how I feel,
    And when I finally get my chance, It all seems so surreal,
    Cause from the first time I saw you, I only thought about you,
    I didnt know you,I wanted to hold onto,The things youd never say to me,
    Cause you said...

    You cant change the way you feel,
    I could never do that,I could never do that,
    But you cant tell me this aint real,
    Cause this is real
    And you would see right through that,
    In the end its all Ive got, So Im gonna hold onto that,
    So Im gonna hold on and on and on and on,

    Now youve got me watching your eyes,
    (Watching just to see, Watching just to see)
    Got me waiting just to see,
    (If youll ever look at me)
    If it goes the way it never will,
    (Will it ever go, Will it ever go my way)
    Your eyes are watching me, and now youve got me thinking bout,
    The first time that I met you,Standing in a crowded room,
    But I could only see you,And I hope my words will get through,
    Cause now I cant forget you,I want to tell you,
    If only I could reach you, And make you feel this way,
    But you said...

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