Flash Fluid Effect 1.0

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    Apply effect to any bitmap file. IncrediFlash Fluid Effect allows you to apply effect to any bitmap file with/without transparency. The bitmap file may contain a text, a logo, drawing, photography, etc.[​IMG]Create a unique effect by adjusting parameters such as size, noise, speed, grow amount, etc. This flexibility allows you to easily modify the behavior of each effect to suit your project requirement.[​IMG]
    A turbulance effect under three different settings

    A chaos effect under two different settingsExport into a flash SWF file. You can then use the animation as it is or as a part of a bigger project within Adobe Flash by loading the SWF dynamically into a movie clip.Overlay the animation on top of a background image or a transparent background. A transparent background allows the published SWF movie to blend nicely when playing over another SWF movie. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Flash bilgisi gerektirmeden resimlerinizi 12 farklı animasyon efekti ile flash dosyalarına çevirir.Harika !

    Flash Fluid Effect enables you to convert an image (e.g a logo or photo) to SWF format and apply one of 12 Macromedia flash animation effect such as melt, vaporize, warp, blur, chaos and others. You can customize the effect by adjusting some parameters, preview the animation, and publish the result as SWF file with optional HTML code. No Flash scripting required.


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